The Definitive Guide for Marketing Your Small Business

S.D.Robb minces no words and gets straight to point. Overflowing from cover-to-cover with invaluable insights, this book is a genuine gold mine of resources, tips and strategies on every aspect of who, what, when, where and how to get the most impact from every marketing dollar. 

Looking for unique and creative ideas for standing out and getting noticed? Make this your new go-to guide with 99 Practical Promotions and Outrageous Ideas

Written by veteran marketer, top designer and small business owner with over 30 years experience developing campaigns for small businesses and franchises around the world.

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This book was written for the small business owner in mind. With time and manpower at a premium, many find themselves caught up in their core operations with few resources left to devote to marketing. Yet ironically, marketing is so critical to success that it can’t be separated from the core.

The simple truth is, if you’re in business, then your business IS marketing.

If you own or run a business, then you need this book. Everything you’ll learn here is doable and within your reach. Pick and choose. Make a plan. Start with the basics and layer elements as you grow.

Most of all, have fun. Marketing should be an exercise in delighting your customers, so allow yourself the opportunity to delight in it as well.

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"You've created a masterpiece. I will definitely return to this every time I run a new campaign or need fresh ideas." ~ Ben P.


What is Marketing?
Marketing Myths Exposed
A Game of Strategy, Not Chance
Meet the Players

Print Media
Direct Mail Delivers
10 Tips for Creating a Successful Direct Mail Campaign
Newspaper Advertising
Tips for Creating a Great Newspaper Advertisement
Radio Advertising
Tips for Succeeding with Radio
Television Advertising for Small Businesses
Promotions in Motion: Transit Advertising
Types of Transit Advertising
Eight Benefits of Transit Advertising
Think Outside the Leadbox
Direct Response: Act Now

Websites: Beyond Templates
Does Your Website Work as Hard as You Do?
Email Marketing
Email Dos and Don'ts
Email Autoresponders Put Your Content on Autopilot
Avoiding the Spam Trap
Social Media Marketing
How to Use Social Media Hashtags

10 Great Ways to Promote Referrals
Business Networking
Neighborhood Marketing
Ten B2B Promotional Ideas
Meet and Greets
How to Hold a Fabulous Open House!

Determine Your Target Market
Defining Your Competitive Advantage
Understanding Business Marketing Life Cycles
Seasonal Marketing Opportunities
Putting It All Together
Key Elements of a Campaign
Creating a Simple Marketing Plan
SMART Goal Setting

Purchase now for $19.95 (Reg $34.95)

99 Practical Promotions and Outrageous Ideas!

Looking for unique and creative ideas for standing out and getting noticed? Here are 99 ways ranging from "I should already be doing that" to, "I would never have thought of that in 99 years!" Sure to get your creative marketing juices flowing!
Purchase now for $19.95 (Reg. $39.95)

"Congratulations Sherry, you did it again! This is hands-down the most practical book I have ever read pertaining to business." ~ Adria M.